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Sara FuertesRocks on  Blind Spot Strategy
Nice stories 😍
Don't Mind MeRocks on  Sengoku Youko
The story isn't rushed and there's was only about 1-2 filler chapters. The pacing is good all the way up to the end. And the ending perfectly wraps up the whole story.
RemRocks on  Magician of the Abyss I was imprisoned as a traitor, but I obtained an immortal body and the strongest power to rise as an adventurer
I like it... I find it funny... And interesting... That's it... So I don't think most will like this... Some have already stated that it's cringe... So I don't mind if you guys hate it...
MelRocks on  Morgana and Oz
mitchiko_utaSucks big time on  Dark Fall
the art was good but the story was kinda...💀💀..
Seafairy CookieSucks big time on  Dark Fall
They give me the Ewwwwwww...

(Sorry,tapi boonk 😁)
PorkBellyMoRocks on  Black Mirror
If you're down for horror, I truly recommend this story. It's got good pacing, good plot, truly eerie and scary, and good sm**.
SithandeKinda bad on  Young Announcer, Secret Behind-The-Scenes Report From A Beautiful Skin Village!
Wth is this, it's sad because the art is actually good but the manga itself is weird
ReiMeh on  Fukujuu no Ato
Please why does the description make sēxual assault sound like Shoujo manga LMAOOOOOOOOOOO (it was okay, not good, not bad, just 🤷 really)
DerpyImpRocks on  Salt Friend
This made me laugh, cry, scream, and smile
I love the main and side characters, everyone is likable (exept for ONE LONG HAIRED BLONDE GUY WHO I CANNOT STAND) 
I got really attached after like 20 chapters 
The chapters are short so you read it fast 
I really reccomend this ✌️✨

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