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I love bl and glRocks on  Lost in the Cloud
I love this manhwa, at the beginning the art is not the best but it has become so much better and pretty, I love the story and how well it represents mental illness and how the love of two mentally Ill teenagers develops, the characters are well written, and it's very interesting, I would recommend if you like enemies to lovers. 10/1
I love bl and glRocks on  Stranger Than Friends
This is genuinely so beautiful, I love the art, the story, and the characters, they are so cute, I recommend this if you like friends to lovers.
SamRocks on  Living With Him
This whole is story is so cute and wholesome TT love all the characters! The art is really cute as well.
Mitsu KochoSucks big time on  My Uncle
This is  disgusting
WeirdofsSucks big time on  Codename Anastasia
no cuz tf is ths sh**. i dropped it after the ra** sh** bruh i literally cant stand this sht no more bro
SugurusupremacyyyyRocks on  Jujutsu Kaisen - Colored Manga
GraylinRocks on  Boruto: Two Blue Vortex
It just need more chapters 😭 . New chapter takes too long to be released
alessiSucks big time on  Codename Anastasia
I dropped it after the threesome. I think po** addicts don't know yaoi means boys love. I didn't read this to see two unloyal men lus**** for a blonde who is about to marry another man and fuc**** her hardly like dogs.  You like someone so you share a woman with him to show your love. Is this boys love? I know some OF girls waiting for several men throbbing their pu*** must surely love straight threesomes. As it should be. I got spoilers the upcoming chapters are ra** until they are together. Who cares about ra**? OF girls even got reasons to support ra**. Even jinx fans got tired of continuous ra**. But this people here will never get tired of watching continuous ra**. As by pure logic no one can fall in love with their rapist especially if they're straight. Anyways the author has  completely eliminated logic at the part where the Russian gangster communicates fluently with the Korean citizen in Korean language. Well illogical things work in po** without plot. You think the overly bleached rapist without any good facial features is hot? Where's his nose? Why his eyes are so droopy? His left jawline isn't aligning with his right jawline. Where's the symmetry? Let's all pretend he's handsome cause he's a rapist.
ira yeyRocks on  Stranger Than Friends
this is the most un-toxic bl manhwa that i have ever read! hyeok is so mature!!! i love them sm!! there's no toxic!!! must read
HyunieeeeRocks on  Smyrna & Capri
This story is so beautiful and perfect that I literally shed tears for this😭

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