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Exclusive Possession: The “Benevolent” Wife

Dujia Zhanyou: Ji Shao de Fu Hei Jiao Qi; Dújiā Zhànyǒu: Jī Shǎo de Fù Hēi Jiāo Qī; Exclusive Possession The Benevolent Wife; Exclusive Possession: Ji Shao's Black-Bellied Wife; Exclusive Possession: The "Benevolent" Wife; Exclusive Possession: The Benevolent Wife; Exclusive Possession: Young Shao's Two-Faced Loveable Wife; Ji Shao's Two-Faced Beautiful Wife; 今度こそ華麗なる復讐を

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Shoujo

Chapters: 123

Last update: a day ago


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In the eyes of outsiders, the noble male g** who cannot be blasphemed, was pressed by the reincarnated her to be provocative and provocative. He clearly had a face that couldn't be purer, but why did his restless hands always slide down? He was the one who provoked her first, but in the end she was bullied, tied to the bed, wiped clean, and given a lifetime title. Adapted from the novel "Exclusive Possession: Ji Shao's Black Wife". (Google Translate)Dujia Zhanyou: Ji Shao de Fu Hei Jiao QiDji Zhnyu: J Sho de F Hi Jio QExclusive Possession The Benevolent WifeJi Shao's Two-Faced WifeExclusive Possession: Ji Shao's Black-Bellied WifeExclusive Possession: The "Benevolent" WifeExclusive Possession: The Benevolent WifeExclusive Possession: Young Shao's Two-Faced Loveable WifeJi Shao's Two-Faced Beautiful Wife