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A complicated relationship sparks asa new transfer student, Dylan,meets Corey, a girl who's always mistaken as a guy.

Vampire Master (Os Rabbit Cat)Vol.2 Chapter 11

A hot blooded part time hunter with a sense of justice, Yan Zi Ying, working everyday for the sake of maintaining the peace between devils and the human race. One day the hunter headquarters tells her grandfather that the seal is going to be broken v

Viruka-san VSChapter 27

A salaryman gets a catgirl visitor from another world, and bullies her with his culinary skills.

VenthamChapter 26

The dark side of the psychopath and the "Holy" Father's intertwined story.See how things aren't the way they seem.

Vanilla FrostingVol.2 Chapter 13

From Eclipse ScansAram is a high school student who lives with her food stylist aunt. Her parents had to live out of the country but her kind aunt was willing to move in to take care of her. One day, Aram and her aunt witnessed a cooking show on TV t

VermillionVol.2 Chapter 7

From Fallen Syndicate:By using the Dark Gate, humans can entrust their hopes and needs to the darkness. The darkness they call upon is a great and evil power, known as "Demon." WIth the help of his partner Miroku, the Demon Slayer Kisaki Senju will s

Virtual Grimm fairy taleChapter 7

This is how people experience a virtual Grimn fairy tale story. The fairy tale hide cruel stories about wounds and ambitions and obsession.

Vanilla Chocolate CigaretteChapter 5.5

When did love start? Kisses tasting of cigarettes. The view from the veranda. In this small corner of town, they gradually fall in love.Tsubaki, who recently moved into town due to a job transfer. A gay couple living next door, Toyahashi and Takatsuk

Valkyrie Profile 2: SilmeriaVol.2 Chapter 8.5 : Shooting Star

The princess of the kingdom of Dipan, Alicia, was abandoned by her parents when she was still a child. The rumour says that she was posessed by a Demon and therefore lost her life. But the truth reveals different. Alicia in truth, inherits the soul o

Valentine LoversChapter 6

From Chinatown KM:When the mother of a particular girl disappeared, her father began to ignore her. Ten years later, she meets a pervert at a crowded bus stop. A mysterious boy saves her...but...what will happen next!?

Vanilla, Please!Chapter 29

Joo-won seeks comfort from his friend Ji-ook after getting cheated on six hours ago. Was it because of the alcohol? Suddenly Ji-ook started to look handsome. The two who crossed the line, can they still be friends?

Visible Only to You

May my comfort reach you! A fantasy romance to heal your heart.

Virgin Extinction IslandChapter 48

On that day, suddenly, every single male virgin over the age of 18 started dying rapidly, causing a huge panic across Japan! Sex industry prices skyrocket overnight, forming angry mobs of terrified virgins, and the government knows not how to handle

VestigeChapter 14

Full colored survival thriller manga! Beware and hunt all of what's out there because you'll never know when --- you're the hunted.

Van Helsing: Darkness BloodChapter 6: Scarred Old Pal

Vampire Hunter: The legendary Van Helsing. In order to save people, he is also a vampire who tonight beat this way and that. "Gag" Battle of vampire hunter VS over over a century!

VR HEROChapter 48
ActionMartial arts

The main character, who has a very bad life in real life, experiences a 180-degree shift in his circumstances after entering the virtual world Bitworld. Manjae was actually paying a hefty price even if he is glad to have become the strongest and to h

Virtual BeastVol.2 Chapter 8 : Mysterious Light I

Summary from Vampire Knights:Since youth, Shin had a special ability to foresee dangerous situations. When his sister, Nao, was kidnapped by the people from a research center, Shin finally realized that he was not actually human, but a virtual beast'

Vanishing TwinChapter e(end)

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Valkyrie Drive Siren – BreakoutChapter 10

Based on Valkyrie Drive: Siren mobile game.

Vampire XVol.1 Chapter 8 : Ceremony : Part 3

Vampire X summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Vampire X. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Vampire Lord’s Greatest WifeChapter 30

Vampire Lord's Greatest Wife manhwa, Sylvania, a noble daughter who disguised as a servant named Miria, has always lived miserably ever since her family was killed by vampires. But when she married the mysterious Count Alaric, who knew about her orig

Victory - Ai wa KabuVol.1 Chapter 7 : White Christmas Eve [End]

1) Victory - Ai wa Kabu2) Endless Game3) Lesson on Love at First Sight4) Blood Dream5) The Summer Dream of Youth6) The Adorable Straw Doll7) White Christmas Eve

Villain Lady Wishes to Be Like a NightingaleChapter 21.1

An unpopular woman in her thirties, our protagonist's only pleasure in life is reading all the web novels she can get her hands on while soaking in the bath. Tragically, she carelessly fell asleep in the bath and drowned, and before she had opened he

Vanilla StarVol.1 Chapter 6

Ever wonder what happened to Takeshi, the poor side character who got dumped by Sahara in Aisanai Otoko?Heartbroken and lonely, Takeshi turns to internet porn for comfort, where a new AV actor catches his eye. He tries to find more about the boy, des

Vandemieru no TsubasaVol.2 Chapter 8

The story takes place in a world that resembles 19th century Europe. When a carnival comes to town one day, Ray, the son of a bar owner, meets a girl with wings. The girl's name is Vendemiaire. She was given life by her Creator and tells Ray that she

V - Egao no TameniChapter 5.5

Come spring, Nishiwaki Haruka becomes a second year high school student. For a second time. Due to accidents and illnesses, she didn't have enough attendance, thus the repeat year. She transferred to Yamabuki High to run away from her old friends. On

Villain Lady Wishes to Be Like NightingaleChapter 21-2

An unpopular woman in her thirties, our protagonist's only pleasure in life is reading all the web novels she can get her hands on while soaking in the bath. Tragically, she carelessly fell asleep in the bath and drowned, and before she had opened he

Vicarious LoverChapter 60

"There is someone who makes my heart race. I will date her for three months. So you, too.. should date another man for three months."To get revenge on her fianc... No, to make him love her again, Hwang Hae Geum planned to look for a substitute boyfri


Our shop is located within a quiet neighbourhood,Hidden within Genuine NEW'S full-body makeover salon.Because you can find relief from daily stress here,We always have a crowd of regular customers.If we are able to help you find the strength within h

Vampire of the EastChapter 113

After the decline of her family, Yangsun finds herself living as a book seller, while hiding her real identity. One day, she visits Eumseokgol to deliver some books. She runs into a breathtakingly beautiful scholar, Sungyul Kim, who is actually a vam

Vengeful Weapon, Tears of PoisonChapter 25

Read Vengeful Weapon, Tears of Poison / Seiryaku Kon Kougou wa Fukushuu no Doku ni Saku / Amelia, the daughter of Yua Levanna's second queen, is despised by the royal family due to her inherited "poison magic," a unique ability from her mother. After

Viola Tames the DukeChapter 33

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Vengeful Girl With Her CeoChapter 104

She thought she fell into a love trap of a bossy president, he thought he will never be touched by anyone anything in this world. But a contracted marriage brings them two together. Is it something about fate or just love feeling appeared during acco

Verndio - Surreal Sword SagaChapter 54.3

Helck Sequel

Vampire-sama ga Akiramenai!Chapter 20

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Villain QueenChapter 56

To beat up scums and bitches, to maintain justice and love, the villain queen travels through different worlds with her amazing system! I know how the story unfolds and what scheme is in your dirty mind. Surrender will be your only choice.mangabuddy

Vampire Beru and Ghost AkiChapter 70
RomanceShounen ai

[ English Translation ] On one fateful Halloween night, a vampire named Beru and a ghost named Aki both move into a castle to live. They both have very different personalities, but in the face of hardship they gradually begin to draw closer. One day,

Veiled Armor: AwakeningChapter 12
ActionMartial arts

Hua Xiaoshao, an orphan, met Dikla on a mission by accident, and the latter unintentionally implicated him in a fight with a chigger. At the same time, he also attracted the attention of Mr. Marlowe of the Golden Ibero Central Academy and issued an i

Vaia'n MaidenChapter 5

In a world where the situation is rapidly worsening, an unusual all-girls high school is taking in first-year girls who have been orphaned. However, when they show up to the welcome ceremony, they find out that the situation is much different than th

Virus Tensei Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kansen MonogatariChapter 18.1

I was supposed to be dead, but when I woke up, I was a rat!...or, more accurately, I became a virus and infested a rat!!The more I infect, the more bodies and skills I get!I'm going to cause a pandemic in this other world!IndonesianAku harusnya sudah

Virtual Reality Action RPGChapter 40

In the near future, two years since the launch of the Virtual Reality RPG, Mob Saga Online. Even in the game, Jerry' an outsider is surrounded by danger.

Vicious BeautyChapter 106

The heroine who died due to injustice was reborn, planning the start of her revenge, to grow and mature, to encourage and nurture love in her life this time round. Come little cuties, you're all welcome to witness this~

Vainqueur the dragonChapter 50

Vainqueur Knightsbane is your average dragon: a fire-breathing lizard who loves to sleep on his golden hoard, kidnap princesses for fun, and make the life of adventurers miserable. Vainqueur's only pleasure in life is to watch his treasure get bigger

VRMMO Chronicles of a Solo Cleric ~Surprise! I’m Actually a Berserker!~Chapter 3

~ No matter how you look at it, It's a berserker! Thank you so much~The high schooler Ryuu has started playing the popular VRMMORPG [Fantasic Epoch Online] FEO. He choose to be a priest because of their ability to heal themselves and hence won't requ

Vampire-chan Can't Suck ProperlyChapter 22

The overwhelming preciousness that captivates all those whose blood she sucks! A new kind of pampering and feeding comedy!

Vicious DependenceChapter 27

Chen Yuncheng's childhood experience was a nightmare. He didn't expect that sixteen years later, he'll encounter someone who experienced the same thing as him.

Vivarium de Choushoku woChapter 35

The manga centers on three sixth graders, Yoshiki Obana, Mikoto Tajo, and Kikuri Kushida, who meet up at morning to get to the bottom of their town's "seven mysteries" as a free summer vacation project. After finishing one meeting at their "secret ba

Vibration ManChapter 28

Since the government announced the existence of people with "special powers" 10 years ago, Shindo Susumu has longed for his own amazing abilities. However, he finds himself to be nothing but an average 15-year-old. Then one day, during his high schoo

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