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Isekai Maou To Shoukan Shoujo No Dorei MajutsuChapter 48.2

When it comes to the fantasy MMORPG Cross Reverie, none can match the power of the Demon King Diablo. Possessing the game's rarest artifacts and an unrivaled player level, he overpowers all foolish enough to confront him. But despite his fearsome rep

Teihen Ossan, Cheat Kokusei de Isekai Rakuraku LifeChapter 1

Reincarnated from a bottom-tier salaryman to an adventurer, he possessed only one skill: [Game]. A seemingly dead-end second life enveloped in games even in another world This is the record of a man's meteoric rise from the depths to cheat-level life

Tensei Shitara Joban De Shinu Nakabosudatta ―Hiroin Kenzoku-Ka De Ikinokoru―Chapter 1.5

You wake up after an accident and are reincarnated as a middle boss who dies early in the game! In order not to be killed by the heroes who will eventually attack you, you must X** and make the women your servants and gain more comrades! An exciting

I’m the Only One with Outstanding Cheats After My Class Got Transported to Another World?!Chapter 3

Ryuuto was subjected to rampant bullying on an almost daily basis. But on what looked like another day of living he** for him, the classroom was suddenly enveloped in blinding light, and he found himself standing before a man who called himself G**.

Ryuu Kishi-dan de Ore Dake Neko KishiChapter 12

What the heck is a "cat knight"?! Transported to another world where cats don't exist, he has only his beloved cat to rely on. And... she's been turned into a giant!

The Only Job Changer in the WorldChapter 4

Tsukasa, a company employee who repeatedly changes jobs in search of better conditions, challenges the final interview of a major corporation. But as soon as he went past the door, he found himself in another world. His past career seems completely i

Mushoku Tensei ~Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu~ Special BookChapter 4

Short stories illustrated by the artists who've worked on the main Jobless Reincarnation mangas.**Warning**: Manga-onlies beware spoilers.

Chapter 2.2

A duke's daughter and the crown prince's fiancee...I, Rachel Sheringham, was both and wielded dark attribute magic, which allowed me to use necromancy. I was accused of colluding with demons due to it and was executed.With regret as my source of powe

SSS-Rank Paladin Who Transcends Common SenseChapter 7

The game descended on reality, monsters run rampant, magical disasters overflow, everyone needs to choose a class and level up to become stronger. Zhou Yi who has been unremarkable until now awakened the S+ rank talent Protection of the Sacred Angel

Digimon 2023 Oneshot ContestChapter 3

Digimon 2023 Oneshot Contest summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Digimon 2023 Oneshot Contest. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope yo

Nenrei Seigentsuki Otome Game No Akuyaku Reijou Desu Ga, Katabutsu Kishi-Sama Ga Yuushuu Sugite R Event Ga Issai OkinaiChapter 5

One day, Lobelia, the daughter of a marquis, realizes that she is the villainess of an 18-rated otome game and that, Lily, her beloved younger sister, is the main character."I can't let my precious sister be subjected to such a disgusting situation,"

Buta No FukushuuChapter 13

Before successfully being able to commit suicide, Takeshi Hirota, a bullied high school boy is transported to another another world where he is accepted by the orcs due to his appearance.

The Sunshine Male Lead Has Been SummonedChapter 0

Read manhwa "The Sunshine Male Lead Has Been Summoned" for free at Summary:Alternative: , 2022 What is mangabuddy?mangabuddy is currently the largest manhwa website with thousands of high-quality manhwa. Above all, readers can enjoy reading manhwa

My Second Life Is A Healing Life?Chapter 9

Eugene Felivia, the beloved youngest son of the noble Felivia family, known for its great warriors, gains a second life thanks to the grace of 'Felin, the Wizard of Creation.' Eugene dreams of becoming a wizard like Felin, who saved him, and using hi

I Became the Master of the DevilChapter 14

Read manhwa I Became the Master of the Devil / "Give me the strongest Norma." She became a villain who blackened the male lead in a devastated novel.Having already regressed nth times, she decided.She would save the male lead trapped in the bas**en

How to Protect My Male LeadChapter 19

Read manhwa How to Protect My Male Lead / Overcome with grief, Iris cradles her dying husband, Crown Prince Cedric, who was betrayed by her own bloodline. Suddenly, she's transported to another dimension where Cedric's life is written in a book,

Onmir The OddityChapter 8

In a videogame based on a fantasy world, their players are know as Onmir. Our protagonist, a notorious killer of other Onmirs, logs in one day as usual but in the split of a moment, the environment changes giving a weird feeling, suddenly he realises

Gamer Ga Isekai Konten Shite Harem Jinsei E Continue Suru Sou Desu The ComicChapter 4

After opening the last route of a certain FPS game, the protagonist jumps for joy, slips and dies. However, due to G** (a game lover) feeling sorry for him, he decides to continue his life in a different world as the boy Wayne (although he seems to h

My Favorite Novel Has a Weird EpilogueChapter 20

Read manhwa My Favorite Novel Has a Weird Epilogue / External Ordinary, Slightly Strange / The Side Story of My Favorite Work Is a Bit Strange / The Spin-off of My Favorite Work Is a Bit Strange / Fencing champ Rina is on cloud nine after winning

The Little Princess And Her Monster PrinceHitaus

She transmigrated into the body of Ancia, the current wife of the monstrous crown prince, Blake, in an R-19 romance novel. In the original story, Ancia committed suicide on the day of their marriage, leaving Blake with massive trauma. But this time,

The Dungeon’s Time-Bound S-Rank BeautyChapter 25

Read manhwa The Dungeon's Time-Bound S-Rank Beauty / S Shin Yoori, South Korea's very first S-Rank Hunter and the leader of the most elite Hunter Team, ventures into a dungeon for the anticipated challenge of clearing an L-Rank gate, known to be e

A story about a Murderous Human Entering the World of Cute AnimalsChapter 5

A story about a Murderous Human Entering the World of Cute Animals summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of A story about a Murderous Human Entering the World of Cute Animals. If you have any question abou

Boku No Risou No Isekai Seikatsu ~Tensei Shitara Kemomimi Musume Darake No Sekai De Harem Ni~Chapter 5.1

A 40-year-old virgin man working for a black company has never been with a girl, let alone married one. Having nothing to do but love cute girls, one day he loses consciousness during an all-nighter of work. When he wakes up...he finds himself reborn

I Got Reincarnated as a Cat, but Since I’m Bored, I Play VRMMOs With Gamer GirlsChapter 3

I am a cat. My name is Nanahoshi. In my previous life, my name was Hokuto Kurokawa. I lost my life in an unexpected accident. I was then reincarnated, not as a human, but as a cat...! Moreover, not in another world, but in the same world just several

When You Are Reincarnated As The villain NPC’s Girl And Be Loved By The Strongest Prince Who Is Not A Capture TargetChapter 8

Why is the prince, the ultimate capture target and obsessed with me, villainess NPC girl B'? Yuu is a former office lady who was reborn in the world of an Otome Game. However, far from being the heroine, she was reincarnated as one of the main villai

They Live in the Princess’ Flower GardenChapter 14

Read manhwa They Live in the Princess' Flower Garden / Thanks to the seal of the king of spirits, she was born with the qualities of a master of spirits. Her parents and brother-in-law pour endless affection on her, and the Knights Templar often f

Game-Ya BlChapter 26

I, Anan Naoyoshi, joined Last Boss Korin, Co. in pursuit of Nobu-san, the game planner I've long admired. Things, however, are sour between us. Our strained relationship aside, the two of us went on an overseas business trip. But then whyyyyy are we

Welcome to the Isekai Hotel!Chapter 5

Richii's parents died in an accident when he was in junior high school, leaving him alone with his doting sister Towa. Three years later, his sister also disappears, and even Riichi is summoned to another world where he is reunited with his sister. I

I'm The Tyrant's SecretaryChapter 109

To save my family from certain doom, I offered to become the Emperor's secretary in place of my clumsy brother. I excelled at work in my previous life to the point of overworking myself, but that's beside the point! I know I got this. I served the ty

The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Who Will Become The Source Of Tragedy Will Devote Herself For The Sake Of The People. ~To The Savior~Chapter 5

At the age of eight, I realised I had reincarnated as the nefarious last boss of an otome game, Queen Pride. Her fighting strength is high because she's the last boss who will fight with the capture target, and her superior cunning wits make her the

I Can't Fall In Love With PapermanChapter 16

When a BL comic artist transmigrated into the princess of Liao, she resumed her career... but encountered her "dear son" who crawled out of the book and refused to be gay! Faced with a sword to her neck, will she surrender or resist? What's worse, th

Kuro No Senki Ii: Isekai Teni Shita Boku Ga Saikyou Na No Wa Bed No Ue Dake No You DesuChapter 5.1

Kurono Crawford (Chrono Crawford), a noble of Cepheus Empire had a secret. It was that he came from a Different world Modern Japan. Having the knowledge about the modern weapons and his sense of values, he was an existence almost like a cheat, aiming

I’m a Healer in the Reversed World of Beauty and UglinessChapter 7

One day, Sumeragi Yuuto was suddenly transferred to a new world. This world resembles a world from a novel that Yuuto recently read. It is a world where beauty and ugliness are reversed. Yuuto fell and was carried to a safe place. The girl who carrie

Doragon Yashinatte KudasaiChapter 8.2

One day, a college student named Murakami encounters a dragon named Ilsela who came from another world.Ilsela, who aims to be an 'Ichiryumae,' seems to want someone to 'adopt' them while they train in the human world...!?"Eating, sleeping, and playin

Leveling Up My Isekai'd AbsChapter 12

Sung Suwoo has it all he's handsome, strong, and popular. His only problem is he can't grow abs no matter how much he trains! After being dumped by his girlfriend for having a flabby tummy, he gets isekai'd into a webcomic universe! Can he successfu

In the Beginning, the Ancient Demon Saint Used Me as a CauldronChapter 13
ActionComedyMartial artsRomance

The first step of cultivation is to make a contract with a demonic familiar. He was untalented and unwanted, until he runs into an ancient demon lord, who happens to take the form of a se** girl with a tail! She tells him that his foundations are str

I’m a Villain, but I Saved the Female LeadChapter 18

I transmigrated into novel as villainess Rubelina, whose plan to marry the crown prince is stolen by the heroine Avonne. I thought that I could live happily as long as I didn't get involved in the love of the heroine and the hero Gilart, and as a res

Welcome To Another World, Now Then, Please DieChapter 5
ActionHorrorMartial arts

"You all will not be heroes. You'll be Living Sacrifices, will you not?"Atsuto thought that by going to another world his unremarkable life would change and he would be granted all sorts of powers. However, in that other world he found nothing but de

Zangyaku Sugiru Isekai Demo Suzuki Wa KawaiiChapter 12

Takashi Suzuki is a young man who dreams of a heartwarming slow life in some other world. When he finally gets reincarnated into a different world, he receives the "unconditional love from all local species" cheat ability, thinking it will allow him

I Just Want To Live A Simple LifeChapter 68
ActionComedyMartial arts

Ding dong!" "Welcome to the All-Intelligent Cultivation System!" "Important heads-up: While using the system to cultivate, you'll lose control of your body..." After getting the Intelligent Cultivation System, Pei Ling planned to quietly level up and

Class Shoukan ni Makikomareta Kyoushi, Hazure Sukiru de Kikai Shoujo wo Shuuri suruChapter 7

The whole class was transferred to a different world. The teacher, Aizawa Seiji received a failure skill . He was treated as a burden until his skill was activated in the ancient ruins! The Android girl awakened and slaughtered the Minotaur!! They tr

My Blade Will Lead the Way! Abandoned in a Labyrinth as a Directionally Challenged S-Rank SwordsmanChapter 23

The swordsman, Jir, had just joined a well-known S-rank party when he finds himself stranded all alone in the hardest labyrinth. Normally, there's no way to survive such a situation other than to wait for rescue. Relying on nothing but his heroic swo

Honzuki No Gekokujou Koushiki Comic AnthologyChapter 31

Honzuki no Gekokujou Koushiki Comic Anthology summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Honzuki no Gekokujou Koushiki Comic Anthology. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to con

The Villainess's DaughterChapter 53

Born as the daughter of a villainess, Daphne lived her entire life hated by everyone she's ever crossed paths with. After her mother's pitiful death, Daphne knows that a similar fate awaits herbut what did she ever do to deserve it? Why does she have

The Savior is RuinedChapter 2

The male protagonist who has cleared all types of different worlds comes to Earth, and he decides to give up his identity as a savior and starts to show off. It turns out that the seemingly peaceful earth is a world designed by the enemy. The helples

The Ragweed Princess from the Empire of LivitiumChapter 5

In the Frontier County of Aulanthia of the Livitium Imperial Kingdom, there lives Princess Syltianna who is so ugly, both in her face and in her personality.One day, Princess Syltianna, widely known with the name the Ragweed Princess of the Livitium

Cheat Na Tablet Wo Motte Kaiteki Isekai SeikatsuChapter 24

Yamazaki Kento was unexpectedly reincarnated into a fantasy world with only a tablet filled with mysterious apps he needs to unlock.

Kuma Kuma Bear: Kyou Mo Kuma Kuma BiyoriChapter 7

Yuna, a withdrawn gamer girl is suddenly blown into another world! Now she enjoys life in a different world with overpowered and cute bear equipment "Kuma Kuma Bear" official spin-off manga has finally started!Yuna and Fina's daily life full of laugh

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