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The Frontier Alchemist ~ I Can’t Go Back to That Job After You Made My Budget ZeroChapter 27-2

The Frontier Alchemist ~ I Can't Go Back to That Job After You Made My Budget Zero , Henky no renkinjutsushi ~imasara yosan zero no shokuba ni modoru toka m muri~ , The frontier alchemist ~ I can't go back to that job after you made my budget zero

Mahoutsukai no YomeChapter 87

.Despite having the ability to see otherworldly creatures, Chise Hatori has never considered herself lucky. Ever since her parents abandoned her at a young age, it has been the center of her hardship, driving her to the point of selling herself to th

The Time Mage’s Strong New Game ~I Returned to the Past To Rewrite It as the World’s StrongestChapter 16

After 100 years of hard work, the hero, chrome, has become the world's only Chronomancer. However, by the time he became the world's strongest, all the people and towns he wanted to protect were lost.And so the course he chose is to go back to his ch

Another World Awakening Transcendental Create Skill -The world doesn’t seem to leave me a super talented person who has awakened to production and processing-Chapter 12

Takaya was abandoned by his classmates in a another world. However, he is taught that his manufacturing skills are at a transcendental level and awakens! In addition, maids, priests, arch-demons, wizards, and even wolf girls gather around!?

I'm dating a Dark SummonerChapter 37

Amona, a dark summoner and demi-human who uses demonic powers, is the newest addition to the party of the uptight priest Roni. Everyone expected the two to dislike each other and to have nothing to do with each other. But to their surprise, on their

I was a Hero but now I’m a Skeletonchapter 11

Alvis, the hero, lost his life in a battle with the Demon King. However, he lived on as a skeleton!? Ending his career as the hero who defeated the Demon King, he spent 3 years sleeping, playing and enjoying every day. However, in order to find his l

The Princess’ Dangerous BrothersChapter 103

Lestia, who grew up in the slums with her drunken uncle and managed to make ends meet by selling flowers. One night when her uncle, who was threatened by the thugs because of his debt, tried to sell her off. "Hey, get your hands off her." A group of

Raising a SacrificeChapter 50

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.""It seems I must kill you, Your Grace." Inas has always been Duke Nigel Montestein's mo

Start a leisurely lord life with a plant magic cheat After farming with the knowledge of the previous life, a reversal life beganChapter 21

Exploring undeveloped unexplored regions from scratch! Creating and building a city with plant magic! The boy Elt, who reincarnated as an aristocrat, was branded as incompetent and was thrown out as a manager of a remote area with zero territories. H

Born As The Daughter of the Villainess (The Wicked Woman’s Daughter)Chapter 45.5

Born As The Daughter of the Villainess (The Wicked Woman's Daughter) , /:I was born as the daughter of a wicked woman in a novel. At birth, my mother had already been exposed to her evil deeds and was confined to the spire, and would soon face a m

With Vengeance, Sincerely, Your Broken SaintessChapter 63

With Vengeance Sincerely Your Broken Saintess manga, , Kizu Darake Seijo Yori Houfuku wo Komete Lua is a saintess candidate who possesses the power of healing. But her ability had one flaw: she could only heal others by transferring their wounds ont

Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shite shimatta… Zettai Zetsumei! Hametsu Sunzen HenChapter 19.5

As she was busy bullying the honour student with the power of light magic, Maria Campbell, along with her friends, the fifteen year old daughter of a Duke Katarina Claes suddenly hit her head and remembered her previous life.Thanks to those memories,

Wizard ChefChapter 87


Story of a “jobless” Champion and a Princess Who together find their HappinessChapter 16

A world where life is determined by the natural . Fuuta, who was despised and exhausted because he was the strongest champion in the Colosseum but was , was banished from the Colosseum on his own match-fixing plan. After that, Fuuta, who met Princess

The Story Of The Banisher Side After Banishing The Party Member - The Party Was Weakened, But We Aim To Be The Best In The WorldChapter 9

"Exile" and you're weakened!? A "do-over" fantasy of a failed party!"Stardust", an up-and-coming party, in order to aim even higher, expels Est, a "burden" of the party members.But as a result, the party is weakened and Est is awakened!In this "Serve

Left Handed MutationChapter 58

Human genes mutate, those with extraordinary genes may gain superpowers, and those with monster genes may mutate into monsters. Xingcun, who became a monster, was awakened and later reborn after the sacrifice of the heroine. In this life, the prodiga

Infinite skill getterChapter 25

During a Once-in-A-lifetime ceremony, the young boy, Yuri, receives the trash skill "Life transfer", allowing him to transfer his life force to another personCrushed by despair after receiving the skill, Yuri encounters a woman who loses her life rig


In this world, when you turn 12, God gives you "talent" While everyone else was given the cool "talents" of [swordsman] and Witch, the talent that the main character Rivele received was [effort] that nobody had ever heard of !? Overwhelming [effort]


This is the tale of a man who had mastered how to "Parry". "I have no talent at all" At the age of 12, a young boy named Noru had decided to train himself in the mountains after being rejected by the capital's official training centers for being "ta

Outcast Adventurer's Second Chance ~Training in the Fairy World to Forge a Place to Belong~Chapter 15

"Glen, your bad reputation is dragging the party down. We're kicking you out today." A party of adventurers formed from childhood friends. The day after a promotion exam, Glen was summoned to the guild and expelled by the party leader. The reason giv

I Became the Demon King’s Right Hand so I Will Alter the Original StoryChapter 6.3

Office Lady falls from a building is reincarnated into another world and ends up at the Devil Kings castle. Can she save him from the bad ending?

Wagamama Oujo ni Tsukaeta Bannoushitsuji, Tonari no Teikoku de Saikyou no Gunjin ni Nariagari MusousuruChapter 7.1

Wagamama Oujo ni Tsukaeta Bannoushitsuji Tonari no Teikoku de Saikyou no Gunjin ni Nariagari Musousuru manga, The Versatile Butler Who Served a Selfish Princess Will Become a Peerless Upstart Soldier in the Neighbouring Empire After suffering for yea

Until The Chore Granting Sorcerer Realized His StrongestChapter 25-2

Wimme Strauss is an adjunct sorcerer who provides support and does odd jobs. However, after defeating the master of the hierarchy, he is expelled from the party by the leader, whose pride is hurt. Wimme is at a loss, but his childhood friend (and Wim

Tanaka no Atelier ~Nenrei Equal Kanojo Inaireki no Mahoutsukai~Chapter 21

Tanaka is a middle-aged man with a face only a mother could love and a personality that no mother could love. After dying from an accident, a god sends him to another world where he has healing magic.Join Tanaka as he goes around ogling beautiful wom

Four Dangerous Brothers to My Rescue!Chapter 80

Read manhwa Four Dangerous Brothers to My Rescue! / Warmhearted Lestia has resigned herself to a life of misery under the thumb of her abusive uncle. However, right when things seem to take a turn for the worst, a mysterious boy claiming to be one

Kamigoroshi no Maou Saijyaku Shuzoku ni Tensei shi Shijyou Saikyou ni naruChapter 15

Kamigoroshi no Maou Saijyaku Shuzoku ni Tensei shi Shijyou Saikyou ni naru Histories strongest Demon King, the one who rules over all demons, Hyram. Hyram had defied the Demon God's demand for sacrifices, stood against it in battle losing his life. "

My Vampire SystemChapter 7

The human Race is at war with the Vicious Dalki and when they needed help more than ever, THEY started to come forward.Humans who had hidden in the shadows for hundreds of years, people with abilities.Some chose to share their knowledge to the rest o

Matei Kyoushi to Juuzoku Shoujo no Haitoku KeiyakuChapter 11

Joseph, penerus Kaisar Iblis Agung, Dia menjadi guru di Akademi Penyihir dengan bantuan putri iblis Lilith yang memiliki kekuatan "cinta" yang membantunya untuk berhasil naik takhta, tetapi alasannya adalah untuk membentuk "ikatan cinta seksual" deng

The Knight Commander Wants To Monopolize The Former Glasses Girlchapter 7

I was caught up in a trip to another world and was treated as a nuisance, but the person who helped me was the commander of the Second Knights, Leon, who was super strong and handsome! He was blunt but kind and always took care of me. But why does he

I’m a Lady’s Maid, I’ve Pulled Out THE HOLY SWORD! MangaChapter 24

If you draw the Holy sword, the handsome Prince will notice you!Eleanor, who works as the Royal Family s lady's maid, draws the legendary Goddess' holy sword that no one could pull it out for a thousand years and thus choosen to be the hero who will

Disney Twisted-Wonderland the Comic: Episode of HeartslabyulChapter 21

Extra:Disney Twisted-Wonderland the Comic: Episode of Heartslabyul is based off Disney's mobile game Twisted-Wonderland, which reimagines classical Disney villains in a magic school setting.Publishers:GFantasy (magazine)

The Taoism Adventurechapter 57

The Tale of Zi Wei is a series of comics based on an oriental fantasy novel written by Feng Ge. The comics chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Fang Fei and his friends, all of whom are Taoists at the World of Zi Wei. The main story arc concerns Fa

The Kicked Out S-Rank Appraiser Creates the Strongest GuildChapter 12

The Kicked Out S-Rank Appraiser Creates the Strongest Guild , Tsuihou Sareta S-kyuu Kanteishi wa Saikyou no Guild wo Tsukuru SAppraiser Laurent was kicked out from his guild Golden Hawk. It was a result of one-sided jealousy from the guild leader, Lu

Somehow I Raised A PrinceChapter 52

Boukensha License o Hakudatsu Sareta Ossan Dakedo, Manamusume ga Dekita no de Nonbiri Jinsei wo OukasuruChapter 48

Douglas, once known in legend as the strongest magician. But now he is called old man, as his health slowly crumbles. Beyond just suffering from a mysterious disease that slowly, but permanently, saps his health if he uses magic, the hero's party for

Damasare Uragirarete Shokei Sareta Watashi Ga… Dare wo Shinji Rareru To iu NodeshoChapter 16.2

Sherry, is the daughter of Duke Lucial, who was decieved, betrayed, and executed by her beloved family and crown prince. Despite this, she again, became the fiance of the crown prince before she knew it?! She met a beautiful adventurer who foresaw th

Lifestyle magic is not worthless skillChapter 11

Lifestyle magic is not worthless skill manga, Seikatsu Mahou wa Hazure Skill janai, The only skill he received at the age of 13 was lifestyle magic.the main character, who was kicked out of his house at the age of 15 because he only had useless skill

To Another World On My Own!Chapter 34

Tarou Satu, a young man who longed for an otherworldly adventure since a child and devoted his youth to finding it, finally goes to another world on his own. However, things did not go well for him, as his previous life's memories were about to be er

I Will Rewrite the Dead End NovelChapter 51

[Let's get rid of this psychopath before that]Yes, I possessed someone.But who I was in my previous life.I can't remember at all.All I remember is,just this guy's face that filled my eyes.The day I woke up for the first time as a wizard's experiment,

I was acknowledged as a useless good-for-nothing so I moved to the Empire to get ahead in lifeChapter 5

In the kingdom Lutz lived in until now, commoners were unable to climb up the social ladder, their efforts were denied and extra work disregarded. Lutz finally got fed up, and decided to move to the Empire, which was a complete meritocracy. It was a

My Magician SeniorChapter 36

This is a world where science and magic coexist. Here, some people pursue powerful magic, while others learn eternal truths. The protagonist, Blair, a mathematician who came from a different world, with left-handed magic and right-handed science, ope

Sono Munou, Jitsuha Sekai Saikyou No MahoutsukaiChapter 17

Alma, the third son of an aristocratic family who could not receive the ability "gift" that should have been given by God, is despised as incompetent from his parents' home and is expelled from the house. However, in reality, Alma was given a special

Saint? No, it's a passing demon! ~Absolutely invincible Saint travels with Mofumofu~Chapter 15

.Finally,Finally........I can touch fluffy!Kanata, the girl known as the second coming of the "Saint".She has a lot of talent, and her chosen profession is the weakest of all the demon users.That's right, Kanata, who ended up having a previous life o

Protecting the Witch’s SonChapter 42

Read manhwa Protecting the Witch's Son / / Reasons to Protect the Witch's Son / To others, she was a witch to be feared. But to Elaine, Bella was her savior. After a night of tragedy destroys the life she knows, Elaine wakes to find Bella's heart

Setting Sun, Dazzled EyesChapter 157

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