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The Strongest Magical Swordsman Ever Reborn as an F-Rank Adventurer (2024)Chapter 2

Yuri was the hero who saved the world, being called "Demon Emperor" in his first reincarnation and "Sword Saint" in his second reincarnation. However, before he knew it, he was considered a "monster" and was shunned by people. Yuri finally gets fed u

Empress livestreamChapter 16

The Heroine of the Empress livestream is a web comic serialized by Yuewen Comics/Manxiang Creation. The manhua tells the story of Jiang Pengji's journey crossing through time and space, begining the way of becoming a cultivator and conquering the wor

Restart of the Reincarnated Card PlayerChapter 3

The world was flooded with the power of good and evil gods, and fragments of that power manifested into "Cards."Alto, a Player who could harness the power of these cards, was accompanied by creatures of the UR (Ultra Rare) quality, the highest rarity

The Devil Princess ( Akuma Koujo )Chapter 3

The Devil Princess manga, Akuma Koujo

Tensei Shitara Warui Kuni no Musume Deshita Tensei Shitara Waruiko o DeshitaChapter 8

Tensei Shitara Warui Kuni no Musume Deshita Tensei Shitara Waruiko o Deshita , Tensei Shitara Waruiko o Deshita , A boy is resurrected as a demon girl in a parallel universe, where he's forced to fight against none other than his own childhood friend

Ghost TerminalChapter 2

Ghost TerminalGhost Terminal , the transit center of the dead , is a must visit place for the dead who have left this world before going to the underworld . The dead will stay in the for 49 days , undergo immigration screening , and only the dead c

Demon Keeper manhuaChapter 3
ActionDramaMartial arts

Tianyuan Raising Sorcerer manhua, Demon Keeper The hard-working programmer Qin Jian died unexpectedly after working for several days. His soul penetrated into Qin Jian, the county official of Sanyuan Town of the Tianyuan Dynasty. He has the ability t

How to Stop a Tyrant from Being DecadentChapter 1

How to Stop a Tyrant from Being Decadentn contrast to her past life in Korea, the storybook world Rayne Haatz inhabits is full of wondersthink dreamy powers, nobles inspired by card suits, and anthromorphs. There's just one issue her destiny in this

Xiuxian Return On CampusChapter 4

Xiuxian Return On Campus

Don’t Leave! Please StayChapter 2

After being murdered in her previous life, Sonechka, daughter of a Duke is transported into a modern world working as a servant for a wealthy family and is having a hard time adapting to the change.

The Second Coming of the Demon EmperorChapter 0
Martial arts

Treated with disdain as the unwanted son-in-law, Ye Fan's destiny seemed sealed when his dantian was brutally shattered, condemning him to a life of powerlessness. But from this adversity, he awakens memories of his past life where he was none other

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