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chapter 14

A collection of 14 short stories by various mangaka, centered around the hit series I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess with Only Destruction Flags LINEUP [Working titles TBC] 1. "Super Farmer Recommendations" by Sakurai Yukke 2. "Gerald's Melancholy" by Ameno 3. "That Other Day with My Nee-San and I" by Majiko 4. "A Nostalgic Taste" by Yoshimura Yoshi 5. "The Fluttering Palpitations Won't Stop!" by Katsura Ichiho 6. "Bittersweet Time" by Kakitsubata Kawa 7. "An Awkward Flower" by Touya Tsugumi 8. "The Capture Targets' Meeting for Conquest" by Takahara Yu 9. "Blessed Field" by Sutoroma 10. "Keith's Ordeals" by Regu 95 11. "The Story Behind Each Present" by ichinomi 12. "Preventing a Date at All Costs" by Hayasereku 13. "Happy flag" by Mochizuki Kazuomi 14. "Katarina-sama Wants to Eat the Food She Dreamt About" by Sayu

Chapter 21.3
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Chapter 4

chapter 29
ActionComedyDramaecchi 2ReincarnationSupernatural

A Boy-Meets-Girl story between Ookuni Raise, a high school boy who was left to fend for himself by both his parents, and the transfer student girl, Mikami Kamika. Due to an unfortunate incident, Raise ended up rubbing Kamika's breast, which in turn led to her suspicion of him being a molester. Starting from their worst encounter, the tale unfolds as they were flown into a mystical world.