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Vengeance from a Saint Full of WoundsChapter 74

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds manga, La Santa Herida se Convirti en Villana , The Holy Wound Became a Villain , Lua, was a candidate for a Saint with the power to heal, however, there was a flaw in her ability, since she transferred the sympt

Versailles no BaraVol.10 Chapter 66.3 : Special 03: Fersen

The Rose of Versailles focuses on Oscar Franois de Jarjayes, a girl raised as a man to become her father's successor as leader of the Palace Guards. A brilliant combatant with a strong sense of justice, Oscar is proud of the life she leads, but becom

Veggie Hot Bun's School Spring HolidayChapter 72

What shoud I cook today? Veggie who is always only worried about what to eat, his heart started to beat like crazy when spring school holiday began.

Virgin HotelVol.3 Chapter 9

A story about a young maid who is clumsy and always manages to get herself in trouble. One day, she spills a drink over a scary-looking but incredibly handsome hotel client! He demands that she repay him...but in what form?

Vanguard of ArcherChapter 32

Vanguard of Archer summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Vanguard of Archer. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

VeilChapter 56

They met on the street by chance. He was a police officer, and she was in the middle of her shift. Through its bold, yet delicate brushwork and elegant dialogue, this stylish, full-colour comic illustrates the subtle air of intimacy present between t

Verdant LordChapter 61 : (End)

Set in the near future where Mother Nature has decided to fight back against all of the human encroachment. It has your standard apocalyptic scenario, but we're right in the middle of the apocalypse actually happening, rather than the aftermath. Vine

Vampire Hunter DChapter 39

The year is 12,090 A.D., and what little is left of humanity has finally crawled out from the ashes of war and destruction. From the darkness of fallout, mutants and a race of vampires known as the Nobility have spawned. They rule the weak with no re

Vitamin C Vitamin DChapter 60

A complicated relationship sparks as a new transfer student, Dylan, meets Corey, a girl who's always mistaken as a guy.

Vampire NeighborChapter 97

An ordinary student coincidentally ran into a vampire, and somehow, they ended up being neighbors. Moreover, who knew that this coincidence would lead to even more mysterious stories! How would you know if people around you weren't really human?

Vanitas no CarteChapter 57

.There once lived a vampire known as Vanitas, hated by his own kind for being born under a blue full moon, as most arise on the night of a crimson one. Afraid and alone, he created the "Book of Vanitas," a cursed grimoire that would one day take his

Violence JackVol.18 Chapter 64: Arc 30: The Demon King

September 11, 197x, In the whole Kantou region a magniture 8-9 violent earthquake occured. Scholars called it the great destruction of the showa era, but the people called it the earthquake from hell! volcanoes errupted, buildings crumbled, tokyo bec

Venus KisoukyokuVol.5 Chapter 29

From Manga Abyss:Takami and Akira are childhood friends who attend the same piano classes. Compared to the rough and boyish Takami, Akira is more feminine and cute and is also more skilled in piano. Takami thinks of Akira as a younger sister, but one

Violent Path Martial Arts SchoolChapter 8.4
ComedyMartial artsShounen

Sold for 20 gold as a lifetime apprentice to Wudang Wudang in the serene cloud, how will he deal with the impoverished Wudang College's daily life? What kind of hilarious hijinks will Emei, Kongtong, Huashan, and the rest of the gang ensue in the sch

Virgin Terminator GirlfriendChapter 2

If no one has sex, mankind will go extinct!? A Sexy Terminator who came from the future to stop the world's virginization, attacks the the genius eroge creator/virgin, Adachi!! Can he protect his chastity and make the best eroge of all time!?

Vacation Maou To PetChapter 10.5

A Demon Lord of another world is on vacation, searching for a precious someone... and she has finally found her! Her name is Nio, and her mother has sold her as a pet to the aforementioned Demon Lord. Follow Nio and her life living under the same roo

Villainess MakerNotice.60

I reincarnated into a romance fantasy novel written 10 years ago. On top of that, I became the villainess, Ayla, who cursed the female lead and was killed by the male lead. Then, won't it be enough if I don't become a villain? "I'll live this life pl

VirusChapter 20

.Seo Dong-gu contracts a disease that only has 1 available cure in the form of a viruswhich accidentally gets drunk by Park Yeon-jun, a man he doesn't even know. Now, to survive, Dong-gu must absorb the virus from Yeon-junthrough sex?!

Vanguard of FencingChapter 101
Shounen aiWebtoons

After attaining the title of fencing champion at the Olympics, Chris died in a car accident. At the funeral, Lin Yifei found out about the feelings Chris had never revealed before. As Lin Yifei realizes the regrets Chris had before he died, he unexpe

Vampire AcademyChapter 70

During a high school field tripthere was a terrible accident. When Paloma woke up two moons graced the night sky and, next thing you know, she's surrounded by vampires who think she's their goddess?! Worse yet, what will they do if they discover she'

Vampire DormitoryChapter 44

Her family has no home and no moneyLovely but "bishonen" Mito One day, Mito meets the handsome vampire (?!!) Luka...

Vampire & CrossChapter 54

"Will an interracial romantic relationship work out?! Aren't vampires that kill my parents?" I start to think about this when I met the harmless white-haired vampire. He seems different. He could kill me at the very beginning yet he didn't do anythin

Victim. Gate of SpiritsVol.1 Chapter 15

The story is about the people living in a small village near a huge primordial swamp and how they have to fight the dangers emerging from it.The main character Ivo several years ago his best friend Dragosh went missing in the swamp. They say that p

Vigilante (CRG)Chapter 61

The law is flawed and I'll be the one who will make it perfect. Blame the law that released you.

Valkyrie Drive BhikkhunismChapter 7 [End]

Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhunism summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhunism. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you en

VanguardChapter 32
ActionMartial artsRomanceWebtoons

From the live action series with the same name, Vanguard, has been renewed. It features a girl named Lei Xiaoyu that has caught the attention of a mysterious assassination organization! The tsundere Wu Yue of the Vanguard was assigned to be Xiaoyu's

Valhalla Penis MansionChapter 25

Shota Iijima picked up erotic books during his childhood and suffers from a severe foreign sister fetish.Thereafter, from the years between his age of 12 to 15, he masturbated 999 times. For his 1000th round of masturbation, he had been transferred t

Villager A Wants to Save the Villainess no Matter What!Chapter 20

Allen, an eight-year-old boy from a poor family in the royal capital, is living a poor but happy life together with his mother. One day, however, memories of his previous life suddenly come back to him and he remembers that he is in an dating sim gam

Vanilla flavour, please!Chapter 29

[Ji-ook, who has the looks and the money x Joo-won, who's currently love-struck]Joo-won seeks comfort from his friend Ji-ook after getting cheated on six hours ago. Was it because of the alcohol? Suddenly Ji-ook started to look handsome. The two who

Violinist of Hameln - ShchelkunchikVol.6 Chapter 48 : Return To School Ii

This is the sequel to Violinist of Hameln. So read that first.This series takes place in a fantasy world with famous composers' music, magic, friendship and dark secrets.Our main character is a young, ambitious, energetic boy named Shchel Kunchik (Nu

Venus wa KataomoiVol.12 Chapter 56.2 : Venus Wa Kataomoi(Lq Version)

It's spring! And for Suzuna, it's a new life that begins! She is officially a student and finally has her own apartment! Right from the first day, it's love at first sight for Fukami, one of tennis club's members. In order to become close with him, s

ViperChapter 5

.White Tiger member Yoojoon infiltrated the faction to get the corruption books of congressman Jang Seokjoon, whom he serves. Yoojoon, who successfully caught the eye of Viper boss Jaeha as planned, asked Jaeha to spare his life"Then can you suck my

VigilanteChapter 81

The law is flawed and I'll be the one who will make it perfect. Blame the law that released you.

Virgin RipperVol.10 Chapter 38 : [End]

New shinigami Hikari is doing her best every day to get used to her onerous duties. The only thing that keeps her going is the kindness of her superior, Commander Ryouma. But, when a disastrous event happens among the shinigami, everything changes...

Vector BallChapter 44.5

Description : After a series of bizarre incidents in his school, student Kometaki Okaka decided to investigate the cause of it. What he discovers will turn his world upside down.

Video Girl AiVol.15 Chapter 131.3 : End

Japanese teenager Yota Moteuchi has a problem, he's in love with his classmate Moemi, but can't bring himself to ask her out. Even with the help of his friend and high school heart-throb Takashi, his reputation as the dateless wonder and his lack of

Villain UnrivaledChapter 60
ActionMartial arts

When I woke up, I discovered I had become the villain in the martial arts novel I wrote! But of all people, why does the body I possess belong to a damn villain?Hyuk Ryun Woon:The fourth son of the Demonic Cult's LeaderA nasty womanizerA martial arts

Virgin na Kankei RVol.2 Chapter 9 : Exposure

After Kimijima managed to get married with his beautiful love interest Kana -san and they start "they happily ever" after life style, nothing could go wrong... Right?... Well, Kimijima himself doesn't seem to have that luck in work, as he gets a sudd

Vanilla SpiderChapter 15: C'est Bon [END]

Half a year ago, a giant spiderweb appeared across the sky. For a while, it got a lot of media attention. Eventually, when nothing seemed to be happening, people carried on with their normal lives, ignoring the spiderweb. Amedome Tsutsuji lives his d

VITA SexualisChapter 10

One day while Shirou was delivering a secret weapon to his colleague, he met Amane Mao, a super strong girl who is capable of lifting cars. Before they knew it, an ERROR, a monster that struck Old Tokyo 14 years ago, reappeared and started on a rampa

VocationVol.1 Chapter 6.5: Extra

[From Fujoshi Bitches]: ; Struggling musician Makoto receives some outfit made by chance acquaintance Miyama, a world-renowned designer. However, the bewitching aura that Miyama has on and the caress-like touches of Miyama's fingertips end up arousin

Versailles of the DeadChapter 36

A coach from Austria races toward the French royal court on a dark, gloomy night. Inside is Marie Antoinette, bride-to-be of Louis XVI, accompanied by her twin brother, Albert. Something goes terribly amiss during their trip when walking corpses atta

Vanilla IceVol.4 Chapter 21

Taken from Baka-updates:Beautiful, delicate Yoon Sul and tall, brawny Taehee are exact opposites, and yet somehow they can't escape each other! And now with the addition of the popular student representative, Sijun, being interested in Taehee, how wi

Villainess Needs a TyrantChapter 98

Just now, I stole the lips of a man who is notorious as a tyrant. In front of my younger cousin, Arinel, who stole everything I had in my previous life. *** "Why did you kiss me?" "Because my younger cousin loves you, Your Majesty." "Is that so?" His

Villainess's Survival DiaryChapter 34

Nguyet, an actress specializing in villainess roles in cheesy romance films, has transmigrated into the plot of the movie she just acted in. According to the script, she'll be burned alive at the age of 20. Not wanting to meet such a hellish ending,

Virgin Pink ScandalChapter extra

Virgin Pink Scandal summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Virgin Pink Scandal. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Velvet Going UndergroundChapter 29 : Welcome To Wonderland

A collection of short stories:Le thtre de A1.Oeufs D'ange - Tenshi no TamagoA man is asked by a young painter to be her model.2. Velvet Going UndergroundA doll becomes a super idol. Hijinks ensue.3. Childhood's EndAlastair runs away and meets the Rab

Vampire GameVol.15 Chapter 14

Centuries ago in an epic battle, King Phelios defeated the Vampire-King Duzell. Using a powerful spell Phelios destroyed Duzell but he perished as a sacrifice for using such a strong spell. As both laid dying, Duzell swore that he would be reincarnat